Dan Zanger Course Topics & What You Will Learn

For over two decades, traders have learned how to trade breakouts following the lessons of World Record trader Dan Zanger. These are the subjects that Dan & Randy cover in the Dan Zanger CM Price Action Course.

Chart Patterns and Price Action: Understanding how classic chart patterns like flags, pennants, and cup and handle can be used in conjunction with price action signals to predict stock price movements.

Technical Analysis and Price Movements: Using technical indicators alongside pure price movements to analyze stock trends and make trading decisions.

Volume Analysis and Price Action: Interpreting trading volume in conjunction with price action to gauge market sentiment and strength of movements.

Momentum Trading with Price Confirmation: Identifying stocks with strong price momentum and using price action signals for entry and exit points.

Risk Management: Developing strategies for managing risk, setting stop-loss orders, and determining position size based on the trader’s risk tolerance and price action signals.

Trading Psychology: Understanding the psychological aspects of trading, maintaining discipline, and controlling emotions in both chart pattern and price action trading.

Market Analysis and Price Trends: Analyzing overall market trends using both technical indicators and price action to influence individual stock movements.

This combined approach of Dan Zanger’s breakout trading methods along with the CM Price Action pullback trades offer a comprehensive view of trading, blending the strengths of Dan Zanger’s chart pattern recognition with the simplicity and effectiveness of price action trading as taught in CM Price Action courses. It caters to traders looking to leverage the benefits of both strategies for more informed and potentially profitable trading decisions.