CM Price Action Course

Learn why traders rave about the CM Price Action Course!

Learn the exact methods used by (CM) live in the Chartpattern chat room.

Used by 2021 U.S. Investing Championship Traders

Pavel P. Sterba & Ryan Pierpont, Use the same process champion traders are using.
CM Price Action Course

What traders say


CM Price Action Course

I can’t thank you enough on the course CM. It’s not only changed how I trade, it helped to beat the psychological game.

Steve G

CM Price Action Course

Just one lesson will save or make you 100x what the class costs.


CM Price Action Course

Started the course on June 22 and made over 100k since then. Thank you for giving me the tools and patience.


CM Price Action Course

I strongly recommend taking CM’s price action course. It gives you a completely new perspective as well as trading psychology and a niche edge.

Todd S

CM Price Action Course

CM class is the best structured and easy to understand format I have seen for technical analysis.

Richard M

CM Price Action Course

Randy Opper (cm) has been most helpful to me. His chartpattern video course should be on everyone’s agenda if you are a serious trader. 

Frequently asked questions.

While the course is about 17 hours in length most traders will need 100 hours of effort to see these trading edges developing in real-time. Training your eyes to see traps in the market requires practice.

While the methods can be used on any timeframe, most traders are best holding for several days or longer as your winners can become much larger.

You need to be willing to study and put in the 100 hours needed to apply the process and see the reactions in the market in real-time. More experienced traders often need more time to see their own flaws and behaviors.

You’ll learn and exact process to scan and spot low risk buy & sell points from raw price action with no lagging indicators.

If you have already taken the CM Price Action Course, the next step is to upgrade your trading process with the Advanced Chat and Private Feed.

Consistent trading requires a consistent process!